Scientific sessions

Session 1 – Biomaterials: functional and tuneable materials

Session 2 – Engineered biological devices for medical applications: Sense, respond, and biohybrid systems

Session 3 – Control of biological and biochemical processes: Fundamental information processing

Session 4 – Combatting infections: novel drugs and delivery systems

Session 5 – Tools and approaches for molecular engineering: molecular tool development

Session 6 – Secure and sustainable bio production: Redesign and production of macromolecules in cell factories

Designer Biology webinar series

Hosted by Thomas Howard.

Coming soon!

Poster sessions

Wednesday 31st July – Drinks reception and poster presentation

Thursday 1st August – poster presentation

Social events

[Optional] Wednesday 31st JulyWylam Brewery tour and barbecue

Thursday 1st August – Conference Dinner: BALTIC